Anders's career started at Chalmers University in Sweden, where he received his M Sc EE in 1986, and Dr. Eng. (Tekn. Lic.) in 1989. He then worked for a number of years with support and sales of multichannel data acquisition systems from most of the vendors currently on the market. In this work he developed a range of courses, which eventually led him to co-founding a dedicated education company in 1996, which he left in early 2008. From the mid 1990`s until 2008 he was focusing on educating engineers in companies worldwide on many of the topics in experimental NVH. At the end of the 1990`s he was called to Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH, where he reshaped his industry courses into university courses covering a full semester, for noise and vibration analysis for mechanical and electrical engineering students at Master level. For a complete CV click here.