Noise and Vibration Links

On this page we have put some information which might be useful to newcomers to this field, particularly if you work in industry, but perhaps also if you are a student new to this area. If you represent an international organization you think might fit here, and feel left out, send us an email and we will consider adding your link here.

  • Sound and Vibration Magazine

    If you are active in this field, a subscription to Sound and Vibration Magazine is strongly recommended. This fine magazine is a superb source of excellent articles, good advertising information from vendors in the business, and links to important events around the world. It is free in the U.S. and very inexpensive in Europe. The web site is also a good source for information, old articles etc.


    The is a new website focused on the sound and vibration industry. It is like LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube with the addition of knowledge sharing tools.

  • The International Environmental Engineering Society

    IEST, is an organization for engineers and researchers interested in environmental effects on products (this is not the green environment!). One of the topics covered by IEST is vibration environment.

  • Society for Experimental Mechanics

    SEM, organizes several conferences, particularly IMAC, which is one of the main international conferences on modal analysis, and other vibration analysis topics. SEM is an international organization with members from industry and universities from all over the world.

  • The Society of Automotive Engineers

    SAE, is an international organization with people working in all parts of automotive and aerospace engineering in industry and universities. SAE has subcommitees, one of which is organizing people interested in noise, vibration, and harschness, NVH. SAE organizes a variety of international meetings and conferences.

  • The Acoustical Society of America

    ASA is an organization for all people interested in different aspects of acoustics. Most countries have sister organizations but ASA organizes highly respected international conferences.

  • The International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration

    is an international organization which organizes an annual conference, the International Conference on Sound and Vibration, ICSV, which is held at a new location every year. ICSV attracts people from universities and industry, with some emphasis on academic. Have a look at their web site for details.

  • The Shock & Vibration Information Analysis Center

    SAVE (formerly SAVIAK) is an American organization that, among many things, organizes the annual Shock and Vibration Symposium. This is a vibration conference with mostly military applications.