Free toolbox for MATLAB® and GNU Octave

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The ABRAVIBE toolbox is a free, open MATLAB® /Octave toolbox for analysis of noise and vibration signals. It was developed to be both a tool for learning about vibrations, vibration analysis etc., and to be used as a tool for engineers, students, teachers, and researchers to analyze signals from vibration or acoustics applications.

The ABRAVIBE toolbox provides tools for common acoustic and vibration analysis tasks, as well as numerous examples for learning this highly interesting, but sometimes perhaps difficult, topic. In terms of functionality the toolbox is similar to the largest commercial software packages. Parts of this toolbox should also appeal to anyone in the signal processing area who wishes to perform spectral analysis or frequency response estimation using FFT based methods.

The ABRAVIBE toolbox was written as an accompanying toolbox for the book "Noise and Vibration Analysis: Signal Analysis and Experimental Procedures", by Anders Brandt. The book provides the theory basis for all functionality implemented in the toolbox. Look under the BOOK link at the top for more information about the book!

If you want to see more about what ABRAVIBE can do for you, see the checklist below, or read the manual here. You can also view the GNU GPL license here.

The toolbox contains functions for

  • time domain filtering such as integration, differentiation, shock response spectra, and 1/n octave filtering
  • statistical analysis such as probability density estimates and statistical stationarity tests
  • mechanical system simulation based on mass and stiffness matrices or modal model descriptions
  • spectrum analysis and frequency response estimation
  • principal component and virtual coherence analysis (for noise path analysis etc.)
  • operating deflection shapes (ODS) and modal analysis (experimental and operational)
  • rotating machinery analysis including synchronous sampling order tracking